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Best of Show at Interop

Hi all! This is my 1st of many blog postings on what is new in the world of Networking-things that possibly haven’t received a lot of attention. Hopefully it will make you look at solutions that are different and refreshingly elegant

Have you heard that Alcatel-Lucent won Best of Show at Interop 2011 in Vegas last month…. Yes you heard right… Alcatel Lucent. They won best of show for their Data Center switching blueprint solution. The solution includes their new Omniswitch 10K Modular chassis and their OmniSwitch 6900 10GbE top of the rack switch. The OmniSwitch 10K can support a very impressive 256 Non-Blocking 10GbE ports. The new 6900 top of rack switch can support up to 64 ports of 10GbE or a combination of SFP+ and QSFP+ ports. These aren’t your Dad’s old Alcatel-Lucent Switches. The latest software is also impressive with virtual network profile (vNP), which captures application prioritization, switching provisioning, quality of service (QOS), and security requirements. All-in-all, a very good data center switching solution. Please let me know if you would like to have some further discussions about this new and impressive switch. It will drive circles around it’s competitors.


Another great story from Interop 2011 is Fortinet’s Fortigate 3950B UTM (Unified Threat Management) set an all time record for security performance and functionality at Interop. The 3950B achieved a BreakingPoint Resilency Score of 95/100… the highest published score on Record. The testing provides a standard measurement of performance, security, and stability of networks and data centers using real-world application traffic, real-time security attacks, extreme user load, and application fuzzing. Now those are some bragging rights. It’s all very technical but you know this firewall rocks and blows away the competition.

SFP+ Update:
Tired of having to get a 10GbE XFP module to support that 80km link? Well you don’t have to anymore:
Just released is the 80km SFP+. WFS Networks has them and they ship with our 5 year warranty. Stop messing around with the more expensive XFPs and the low density XFP module that you used to need.